Collective is a series of live, immersive digital experiences that invite audiences to engage with art and performance in surprising ways within and beyond the screen.

Collective is the care-filled collaboration of Sophie Penkenthman-Young, Nerida Ross and Anna May Kirk.

Collective: Frenzy

Firstdraft as a part of Art Month | March 2020

Chaos reigns! Collective: Frenzy burst into Firstdraft for a night of depravity and debauchery as a part of Art Month 2020. Embracing the flip-the-table energy of the new year, audiences were engulfed by loud, saucy and uninhibited artworks in a night of hedonism and surprise. Featuring artworks and performances by AnSo, EJ Son, Hana Hoogedeure and Wendy Yu.

Collective: Ghost

Presented by Outer Space ARI | 27 Nov - 11 Dec 

For Collective: Ghost we are thinking about 2020, the year we lost. We are imagining Collective: Ghost as a vigil, thinking about the plans we thought were set in stone and how they crumbled, the ‘ghost’ exhibitions that sat unseen in dark gallery spaces, the ideas, expectations and hopes that were left unrealised. We are joined by Jazz Money, Katy B Plummer, Pony Express and Sancintya Mohini Simpson to mourn and rebirth this ‘unprecedented’ year.

Collective: Ghost is presented as a part of Outer Space ARI’s Into The Ether program.

Collective: Trace

Presented by PACT Centre for Emerging Artists | July 2020

With the energy of an art opening and the warmth of a hug Collective: Trace brings together artists and the internet in acts of generosity that leave a trace. Live on the internet for one night only, Collective: Trace is an immersive digital experience that connects, activates and guides audiences in surprising ways within and beyond the screen. Manisha Anjali, JD Reforma, Kris Savic and Akil Ahamat are here with us, creating performative instructions for a New World Order, snail soundscape games, TikTok art opening banter and Zoom portraiture.

Dive in with us, explore, click, scroll and playfully experience these artworks. We hope you can feel the collectivity and optimism we are trying to foster here, an antidote for times such as these. We aren’t trying to create what was, but to make something new - together.

Collective: Trace was presented as a part of PACT Centre for Emerging Artists PACT HOUSE program.

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I acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of the land I work on and pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging.