Performance in others work


Asad Raza

Presented by Kaldor Public Art Projects and Carriageworks in 2019.

Absorption brought the ground beneath us into the foreground, drawing our attention to the living and changing nature of soil. The work constituted almost 300 tonnes of organic and inorganic material, including sand, silt, clay, phosphates, lime, spent grain, cuttlebone, legumes, coffee and green waste, combined into a new soil mixture or neosoil.

A group of cultivators enacted this process of mixing, creating a composite material that visitors were free to take for their own uses, allowing Absorption to continue to grow and be nurtured beyond the Clothing Store.

Developed in collaboration with a team of scientists at the University of Sydney Institute of Agriculture, Absorption transformed the Clothing Store into a site for active processes, collaborations and conversations. Within the world created by Absorption, Raza invited artists Daniel Boyd, Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Megan Alice Clune, Dean Cross, Brian Fuata, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Khaled Sabsabi and Ivey Wawn to create interventions in the form of installations, performances and experiments.

Raza drew together the approaches and ontologies of art and science, allowing for absorption to take place across multiple levels of understanding in the creation of this work.

Images by Teresa Tan.

Sweating the Foundations


Commissioned by Performance Space for Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art 2018.

For Liveworks 2018, 110% developed a large-scale installation and performance work that responded to the industrial heritage of Carriageworks, the festival presentation venue. Using a combination of steel scaffolding, raw clay, foam, canvas and performing bodies, the trio rezoned the building’s public space into a site of active art occupation. Throughout the festival period, the parasitic installation of porous and leaking architectural forms received ongoing support and attention from a team of highly disciplined workers who performed gestures of construction, maintenance and care. Through an accumulation of tactile pressures of trace and touch, 110% produced an onsite ooze industry that sought to sweat the foundations of minimal sculpture and collaborative practice.

Performers: Alice Joel, Anna May Kirk, Chelsea Farquhar, Emily Galicek, Emily Henderson, Jack Atherton, Keila Terencio, Lesa Parker, Liam Taylor, Michael Stratford Hutch, Patrick Howard, Ryley Edwards, Shimmy Yang, Sophie Peppernell, Steph Clarke, Tracy Quan, Ondine Manfrin, Anthony Toohey, Nuala Furtado and Eilish Fitzpatrick.

Take me to the Kanga Kandy Shop

Rosie Deacon

Documented performance in Redfern Convenience Store for after pARTY ft Rosie Deacon at Freda's, 2016

Performers: Anna May Kirk and Nerida Ross

I acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of the land I work on and pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging.